Handy Kanji is designed to teach you how to learn and write Japanese Kanji using revolutionary handwriting recognition technology. No longer will you have to painstakingly mark your own kanji writing, let our state-of-the-art AI teacher guide you through the intricate writing process.

Available now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad

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Here are just a few of Handy Kanji’s features:

Auto-correct for you kanji writing – find out instantly as you write what you need to improve to become a kanji master. This doesn’t just tell you IF you went wrong it tells you specifically HOW and WHY and then demonstrates the correct form. This allows you to rapidly improve your learning.

Real-time dynamic feedback – meters are shown as you draw that grade your performance on the angle, composition, size and shape of your drawing. You can use these meters as training wheels to guide your writing or just as an indicator of how well you have performed.

You are given a overall percentage score for your kanji drawing, which is saved to your online account as well as an individual score for each stroke based on the angle, composition, size and shape of your drawing.

You can then share, compete and collaborate with your friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter).

All progress scores and achievements are backed up to your free online cloud account.

Various teaching modes including: Sensei (mirroring memory simulation), copycat and regular practice. All utilising our revolutionary real-time dynamic feedback system.

Beautiful HD kanji stroke animations.

First lesson to try completely free! Unlock additional JLPT levels through in-app purchase(s).

Seamless interface, you can study individual lessons, JLPT levels or the entire kanji set all from one screen with our easy to use navigation system.

Flashcard testing mode, see if you can reproduce the correct writing form against our AI teacher when given the reading for a specific Kanji. Great for exam practice!

Text to speech for kanji readings and definitions, helpful if you are still learning to read/write hiragana/katakana.

Comprehensive search function: Search for On/Kun readings or English definitions in Romaji or native Japanese input.

I hope you enjoy studying with Handy Kanji, expect unparalleled new features and updates to follow in the near future.